Ways to Ship a Bike?

Short of riding it to the location, those looking for to carry a motorbike are entrusted to two choices: open and closed shipping. While the technique used depends on the requirements of the carrier, each includes its own benefits and drawbacks.

Whether you are the sole owner of your motorcycle, or a dealership requiring to deliver an entire showroom overseas, it is important you comprehend all the logistics associated with delivering your motorbikes or ATVs - from pick-up and preparation to arrival at the final location.

In this circumstances, the motorbike is typically delivered on a motorcycle carrier, which is a gadget similar to the bike holders you see on a public bus. This can leave the bike exposed to the elements and the regular wear and tear associated with shipping, which can in turn lead to harm.

The next best alternative is packaging and crating the motorcycle. Like the bike itself, the process of crating and shipping your own motorbike has a lot of moving parts.

At Pak Mail, more info we possess the proficiency and resources to deliver your motorbike (or any ATV for that matter) safely and firmly to its location. Our shipping professionals will help you figure out the most affordable method of transport, providing a quote for the overall expense while detailing the process for you. Next, we will begin preparing your motorbike for shipping.

This process normally begins with an inspection of your motorbike, taking note of any pre-existing damage it may have, such as scratches, leakages, or broken parts. The last step includes assembling the rest of the dog crate, which will help secure the motorbike from the elements.

When delivering a motorcycle by means of crate, it needs to be noted that the battery needs to be disconnected and the gas and oil has to be totally drained. This will assist prevent leakages, which might harm not just the motorbike, but the product packaging as well. If you've never ever done this previously, do not worry, because our shipping and crating professionals will handle all the logistics to guarantee your motorcycle reaches its location safely and safely.

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